Well it’s finally here! The very first food post. The good thing is that this is the first of two for today. So here we go…

My favorite coworker U. generously shared with me some of the fruits of her labor. She is an avid gardner and grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables in her garden. Earlier this week she surprised me with a few tomatoes from her garden. Fresh tomatoes off the vine are absolutely amazing.

What better way to enjoy freshly grown tomatoes? Caprese salad of course.

After work and a visit to the gym, my husband and I picked up some mozzarella cheese and I threw together a fresh caprese salad with some black pepper and virgin olive oil. For a hint of color…a mint leaf. I know, it’s not basil but it’s a twist on the traditional (and all I had at home).

Caprese-SaladHubby helped with capturing this great dish, which by the way, was cleaned off the plate in it’s entirety within 10 minutes after this photo was taken.

Caprese-SaladThanks U. for the tasty tomatoes!


~ by DimpleArts on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “Caprese”

  1. Damn, that looks really good…getting me hungry at work.

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